Cy-TEST focuses on the area of Cytology, intended for the screening and diagnoses of Cancers of different organs.
The European Federation of Cytological Societies (EFCS) established QUATE (Quality Assurance, Training and Examination) Aptitude Test to certify a diagnostic ability at a standardized level.
The Cy-TEST System aims both at delivering a training course accomplishing the needed criteria to successfully afford the QUATE Test and at generating the e-QUATE, its electronic version, thus reaching a more popular, cheaper and efficient impact.


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CY-TEST Scientific Committee (selection of cases and the creation of training cases):
  • Prof. Giovanni Bussolati (Scientific Coordinator),
  • Prof. Caterina Marchiò, Univ. di Torino - ITALY
  • Prof. Ambrogio Fassina, Dr. Rocco Cappellesso, Univ. di Padova - ITALY
  • Prof. Fatima Carneiro, Dr. Helena Barroca, Dr. Cristina Freitas, Ipatimup - PORTUGAL
  • Prof. Roberto Dina, Imperial College - UNITED KINGDOM
  • Prof. Martin Tötsch, Dr. Elisabeth Fedl, Medical Univ. of Graz - AUSTRIA 
CY-TEST Project Manager: Dr. Emanuela Ovcin, Corep - ITALY
CY-TEST Contact:
CY-TEST Web site:

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